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50% off
Standard Package
Before: $80
$40 yearly (limited offer)
  • Any Domain You choose
  • 1 Free Native App
  • Domain Based Email
  • Search Visibility (SEO)
  • Auto Website Back-Up
  • WhatsApp | Call | Social | Auto Payment integrations.
  • This plan is not suitable for E-commerce, big business and large payment transaction websites.
50% off
Professional Package
Before: $140
$70 yearly (limited offer)
  • Any Domain You choose
  • 1 Free Native App
  • Domain Based Email
  • Search Visibility (SEO)
  • Auto Website Back-Up
  • WhatsApp | Live Chat | Social | Auto Payment integrations.
  • This plan is suitable for E-commerce, big business and large payment transaction websites.


Why pay more, if you Can Payless and get more?

So far website development has been a very expensive story but with our platform, you don’t have to break the bank for a professional website.

Frequently asked questions

We charge yearly at Bluechip Servers which is the norm for every web hosting agency.

Note that:

  • The domain that would be purchased for your site would have to be renewed yearly. We would have to pay to a 3rd party domain registrar in order to keep the domain working. If you don’t renew your domain it would expire and can be leased to another buyer which would make your website no longer active.
  • The space that your website holds in our server is leased to you and is part of the renewal charge
  • Our team will monitor and do basic Management of your website to prevent it from getting hacked; this service is part of the renewal charge.
  • We would provide 24/7 Support and is part of  the renewal charge.

Once you are ready to launch your website, sign up and choose your desired plan, you will be requested to deposit $20 Once your site is ready, balance payment would be requested.

Every successful business needs a mobile app for users to conveniently enjoy and leverage your offers.

We understand that the cost of building a mobile app is expensive, as part of our aim to give the best to every website owner using Bluechip to host and develop their sites for the most affordable price; we offer a professional Mobile App for free on the E-commerce and professional Package.

We have two different plans depending on what kind of website you need.

Meanwhile, but plans guarantees you a professional looking website, all our designs are clean and we of course give your website a modern look.

For the standard Package, you will get the same quality as the professional package, but there are some special features included in the professional package.

Here are some special features and the plans that offers them.

SEO: SEO setup is essential for every website, the level of SEO setup both on-page and off-page SEO will determine how well people can find your website when they search for your service on any search engine such as Google.  On the standard plan we will only set the basics for you and we will guarantee that people can search for your site name and find it online, but you will have to do the rest on your own or pay us to give you a professional setup. But for professional Package and E-commerce you will get Professional SEO setup.

Blog: A blog is another section of your website whose content you can update frequently. It’s recommended for every website to have a blog, so all our plans have this feature.

Auto Back Up of your site: If for any reason you want to move your site away from our server, we will let you do this using the Backup of your site which we will periodically generate. Our Server security is high and there won’t be a site break down for any moment, but if you personally mess up with your site code, we can restore it back to normal with the backup. All plans offers this.

Contact Form, Live Chat and WhatsApp chat integration: Depending on the kind of website you need, you will certainly need these features. The most important of all is a contact form, where your visitors can submit a message to contact you. WhatsApp chat on the other hand can be a widget which your site visitors can also use to contact you directly from your website, a live chat is mostly used by big business who needs robust contact system. Contact form is included on all plans, WhatsApp integration is available on all plans. The live chat is not included on the standard plan.

Google Adsense Enabled: This feature is included in all plans, thus, what it stands for, is if you want to add Google Adsense on your website which you can use to make money, your website is likely to be accepted by Google quicker once you have added enough content because Google will fall in love with your site and we structure the design according to Google’s requirement for sites that want to earn from Adsense.

You will find a section to set up Adsense on your account.

Payment Integration: If you want to accept money online through your website, you need a payment gateway and you can only get this feature on both plans, for complex payment you require professional plans.

Sign up by creating an account, once you have created an account choose your plan and we will commence your website building project.

Do you have further inquiry regarding our pricing plans? Contact Us!